I considered hyperspecialization as an innovation. It is a breakthrough that increasingly happens not just at one level of specialization. But the problem is hyperspecialists know very much about very little. Worse, in hyperspecialized environments, you could conceive that the hyperspecialists will not understand the impact of their actions on the broader picture. They are not much concern with their employees’ growth and development.

The hyperspecialization of workers give power to individuals to dedicate their hours to their chosen tasks. Managers now are forced to master a new division of labor. He divides work into micro tasks which attract specialized workers to perform them. It ensures acceptable quality and saves time.

Hyperspecialization creates a social paradigm. It introduces us to a world where exploitation of work is obvious and finds it cheapest labourers. Workers cannot quickly see the bigger picture. For them, if it is wor then I will do it if you pay me. They are contributing to a larger purpose.

In a post called “Broaden Your Experience,” Olivier Blanchard of the BrandBuilder blog makes the case that innovative companies should be looking to hire highly-skilled generalists, not specialists. Hyperspecialization may not always be the best bet either because there are other innovations that can come along and tae it over. Examples are technology and globalization. :>



October 12, 2011

Emanuel Rosen is a former marketing executive for Niles Software. He explains that in pre-Internet days products are just found in stores where people have the option to buy or not. Today, it is far different. Like what was discussed in one of my major subjects Organizational Communication 152, consumers have the ability to say their views. This means that they have strong infuenceon whether a product launching will pursue, for example. ”Buzz” has become essential to a product’s success in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Reading the newer version of Rosen’s book is easy because he provided lots of new examples and research. He presented the idea that in order for your consumers to talk about your product or company, you must delight them Companies should be proactive even in just answering in their comments in your product’s page. There are two ways on how buzz spreads. These are namely text-based buzz and “word of mouth”.  New tools used to interact with consumers give them opportunities to observe their wants online.

According to Rosen, it all boils down to Internet on how buzz has emerged.  It has contributed in making buzz visible to marketers. They should listen to what their customers want in the product in order to stimulate word of mouth. People love to tell their actual experiences in your brand so you should value their initiative in giving attention, even little attention. They are hungry to talk about a certain issue and creating something they call their own. As what my professors keep on telling us that establishing good connections to consumers is a great way to maintain your product’s reputation.

It is very important to know your company’s target market. One of the speakers in a seminar I attended last Saturday said that your consumers are helpful in knowing your product’s flaws. They are voicing their bad opinions not to bash, well sometimes they do, but more importantly they care about it. :>

Is Your Antivirus Updated?

October 12, 2011

Being an Organizational Communication student means attending countless seminars. The most recent that I attended was last Saturday under my OrCom 152 class. Speakers talked about Digital Communication and their experiences. I remembered that Ms. Janette Toral had a discussion on E-Commerce and she promised that students who would ask questions would win a prize. Without hesitation I clarified a point. The most memorable statement she had delivered to the class was about starting or putting up a business. One of her interviewees told her that if someone plans to have a business online, he or she must have an advocacy. Given that, Ms. Toral gave me a magazine which is about the Philippine Internet Review for 10 Years.

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Determing what products or services that will interest customer to buy, knowing the strategies and tactics to be used in sales, and developing communications and the business itself happen in Marketing. It is where companies create special relationships to their customers that help them identify their satisfaction. It proposes that in order to satisfy its organizational objectives, an organization should anticipate the needs and wants of consumers and satisfy these more effectively than competitors.

Marketing online has become a necessity today. Nobody can deny the fact that it is a multibillion-dollar business. Those businesses without an online presence are missing out potential customers. But like what Gigi said in the movie He’s Just Not That Into You, there is always an exception to the rule. However, claiming to be the exception is often a disguise for making excuses.

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These are the sites where I have an account but I really do not update all of them. Maybe only two to three are the most active in these sites. I think it is a good idea to have multiple sites so that whenever someone visits one of my profiles that I interact with regularly, for example my employer will do the search, and he or she can be directed to my links. I give value to these sites and it is wise if I do not give too much.

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